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Quanta Consultancy Services – http://www.quanta-cs.com/

Quanta was first established to provide recruitment services to organisations which needed access to people with technology skills. However, we quickly expanded our activities to provide a wider range of resourcing services to support an increasingly non-technical need.

Steady growth and success in both the UK and mainland Europe

Driven by our success in providing recruitment services to the finance and banking sectors, we expanded the geographic scope of our operations. Having established solid foundations in the London jobs and contracting market, we were able to extend the scope of our operations to successfully service many key business centres in Europe, including Amsterdam, Rome, Stockholm and Zurich. A company with wide horizons, Quanta was soon helping clients across more of Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australasia.

Going beyond recruitment

Early on, we realised that not every resourcing issue is best solved by simply hiring more people; so, we established a set of consulting services which looked at resourcing issues in a radically new and innovative way. This enabled us to assess resourcing issues in a different way, and, where relevant, provide services that properly addressed the underlying business need without simply ‘throwing bodies at it’.

These services include:

change management.
forward load analysis.
master resource scheduling.
knowledge transfer programmes.
Experience in specific industries

We have developed extensive recruitment experience in specific industries: IT/trading, life sciences, renewable energy, oil and gas, semiconductor and telecoms.

A culture of effective team-working

Although we’re not a family company, our clients often tell us that Quanta enjoys many of the positive attributes associated with being a family-run firm.

We’re a ‘seven habits’ company, ascribing much of our success to working within the guidelines laid down by the late Dr. Stephen Covey. As such, we’re proactive, results-focused, believe that a win/win is always the best solution, listen hard and work well with our clients and partners.

A meritocracy by choice, we’re proud that talented and committed people can significantly advance their careers while remaining with Quanta – for example, we have directors who began their careers as practitioners and have progressed on merit.

Focused on being the best, not the biggest

We like to think that we’re big enough to handle almost any recruitment project, but small enough to remain focused. We have no aspirations to become the biggest company in our industry, but are passionate about being the best.

Quanta is a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and abides by its code of conduct.

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