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ATC Group – http://originautomation.com/

Abiliti provides cost effective and practical advice to companies looking for change management, business process re-engineering, enterprise computing, cloud solutions, Smart Metering / Smart Cities, G.R.C. and SAP IS Business Solutions.
•We must not turn a period of austerity into a famine!
•In difficult times we need to be better than the competition and we can not afford to carry any excess baggage.
•Only the person who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat. So you will need to remove the complacent, the complaining and the cynical from your team.
•Abiliti can provide specialist SAP and other diverse IT skills that implement change through innovation and improvement.
•This will produce continuous investment in your infrastructure through improved efficiency, optimal business processes and vital delivery.
•Do you believe that your company could profit from some fresh thinking and new ideas?
•Then first of all tell me about your thinking!
•Abiliti can be a partner in your long term success!!! Lets discuss how we can work together and make IT happen.

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